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This section will cover work to remove, rebuild and replace the venerable T90 transmission and Dana Model 18 transfer case:

Rear view of the t-case with the rear driveshaft

D-18 t-case removed.

T-case - data tag.

Rear of the tranny with the t-case removed

View from the cab of the tranny being slid out of the bell housing.

Bellhousing after the tranny is removed.

T-90 transmission removed. Now I just need to figure out how to put it all back together...

Key parts inspections: main drive gear - ok

Key parts inspections: 2nd Gear - some chevron wear but ok

Key parts inspections: main shaft aft end - some wear but ok

Key parts inspections: main shaft fore end - ok

Key parts inspections: countershaft gear set - some wear on the 1st gear ring but ok after some judicious filing.

Key parts inspections: D-18 Intermediate shaft - spalling, worn and scored - junk

Painting - Painted all the case parts and both cross members with grey engine enamel

Another shot of painting - showing both cases, D-18 bearing caps and the shifter tower. Masking tape over all mating sufaces

T-90 on the bench with the main drive gear and bearing installed

Looking down into the case showing the main drive gear, mated up with the cluster gear assembly.

I went with a sealed front bearing (SKF---6208-2RSNRJ)

I bought a new sliding gear from Willys American, but it didn't fit and caused the tranny to bind so re-used my orginal.

Here's progress on the D-18 - the output shaft and bearings installed with the output shaft gear and slide gear

Top view of the D-18 in progress

Checking the end-play of the output shaft with a run-out gauge - shooting for 0.004" - 0.008"

Here is the D-18 with front a rear bearing caps assembled with the shim packs and sealer

Here is the "creative engineering" method I used to torque down the front output shaft nut to the required 100-120 ft lbs

Here's a side view of the T-90 and D-18 mated back up

Shot of the assembled T-90/D-18 with the shift tower (temporarily) installed and the overdrive (thanks Herm) bolted up.

Another view of the full assembly - not how far forward the overdrive shift lever leans - that needed to be adjusted later to avoid hitting the dash.

Here's a rear view of the whole assemble (less the shifter tower for obvious reasons) on a dolly about to rolled under the wagon.

Front view of the whole assemble about to rolled under the wagon. Turned out I had to jack up one corner of the wagon to roll under the frame rail.

Here is true Willys Jedi Master, Benjamin Deasis - who very graciously came over and personally supervised mating things back up to the engine.

Shot from the cab with everything put back together. Note scorch marks on the OD shifter where Benjamin applied the "smoke wrench" to clear the dash.

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